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Uitzendbureau 4 Minutes

Production Employee | ZT Netherlands

You don’t need experience to start working at ZT Netherlands, with just motivation, enthusiasm and a knack for handiwork you’ll already be a great fit at ZT Netherlands. Start as a Production Employee today and immerse yourself in the world of Data server production.

What do we expect from you

At ZT Netherlands, data servers are produced from start to finish. Within this process, there are multiple departments taking care of the line. 
Rack prep is the first ”station” of this production process, where you need to have some handiwork skills as it involves installing hardware into the server rack. The rack itself is delivered, empty of contents and this is where all the mounting brackets and rails are screwed into place.
Basically, this is where all the preparation work for the eventual installation of drives & cables is done.
Then the rack is moved on to Server Build where the actual installation of drives and hardware takes place. Once that has been finished, the rack will be moved to the integration department where all the cables are placed and attached according to the instruction manuals. 

What are we looking for

As you’ll be surrounded by fun colleagues at the job, we’re looking for an equally enthusiastic and motivated person to join them. Furthermore, it’s helpful when:

  • You live in Almelo or its surroundings;
  • Have some technical experience, yet this is not a requirement
  • It is, however, important that you are available for 2 shifts:

  • Morning shift from : until :;
  • Afternoon shift from : until :. 
  • What do we offer

    At ZT Netherlands you’ll be offered a fulltime job, hours per week, that’s filled with challenges and an enjoyable work atmosphere. Of course, there are other benefits to working here:

  • A gross hourly salary of €,, for those aged and above;
  • A % shift premium, netting you a total of €, (gross) per hour;
  • Daily travel allowance starting at km;
  • If you don’t have transport, you can use one of the 4 Minutes E-Bikes or E-Scooters;
  • After weeks on the job, you will receive your first pay rise;
  • When you showcase great performance, you stand a chance at being offered a fulltime employment contract at 4 Minutes. 
  • About the company

    ZT Netherlands is an internationally renowned data server producer which is headquartered in the United States of America. Their factory in Almelo produces servers for their European clients and all production is performed there. Among their clients you will find the largest international businesses of the world that rely upon cloud storage. 

    As it is such a large company, every day employees work to ensure the products are delivered on-time to these major clients. As ZT Netherlands is expanding rapidly, they’ve recently opened a second production line. As ZT Netherlands understands the importance of having motivated and well-trained employees, it invests heavily in the training and happiness of their employees. In this environment you can anticipate a good shot at career advancement and at the very least the ability to develop your own skillset further into other areas of expertise. 

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